Successful Time Management

You know what it takes to get there. You know it may be doubling up on your efforts, or perhaps staying late to get the project done before a deadline. Maybe it’s the next level of your career. Maybe it’s starting a side project or new business. It’s just a matter of getting there.

So how do you do it? If you have the aid of a good virtual assistant app, it’s simply a matter of organizing your ideas around the convenience of alternate sources of help.

It’s true that anything you want you have to work for, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. In this day and age, there are so many options we have to help us achieve the targets we set out for.

If you currently work full time, working more hours isn’t something you are looking forward to doing, and honestly, why burn yourself out in the best years of your life? There is no need to add stress and sleep deprivation to your schedule. That will eventually affect your health and well-being.

If you overwork, you’ll end up failing in your actual productivity. More stress, less sleep, will naturally affect how good a job you are capable of doing. What’s most important is that we achieve our goals, and if we can do so on less hours, isn’t that the target we are truly aiming for? Wouldn’t it be nice to get a 60 hours job done in 30? Wouldn’t that help alleviate the stress?


Don’t believe the hype about the success being self-made. Behind every self-made success story, was some sort of additional help. Rather that was a better plan or better tools, there is a way to be that self-made success story you keep reading about. Great writers have great editors, great athletes have great trainers, great companies have great employees.


Understanding that principle is the first step to achieving your goals. Implementing that principle is the vital step in achieving your goals.


So, help costs money. It’s a fact.


Take an inventory of what kind of help you need, jot it down, and check out what the variables cost. When you see all the help you need, you might find that some help can fill more than one job. When you have your list down, find out if the human equation can be removed.


Find technology. Technology is replacing the human factor, and that can be a beneficial thing. Technology can double as several forms of help, can cost a tenth as much, and can do ten times the work in many instances.


Don’t rely on technology to fix your thought process. YOU still have to be the single most important factor. Without your understanding of what you want to accomplish, none of the additives—people or technology—will benefit you.

Once you feel confident that you have your goals in place, and that you are ready to achieve them, move with certainty and with confidence.


You can do it.