Wing for Business: Simplify your Secondary Research

Behind every professional deliverable is a mountain of tedious research that some poor analyst placed an entire summer into gathering. This has become a rite of passage for every young intern trying to break into a firm. Research is the backbone of work and projects, and trying to simplify your research isn’t easy. If you aren’t making the interns do it then you’ll be forcing that burden upon yourself, right?

For businesses, outsourcing research tasks has long been disregarded as an option. Sure, you can send slides over to a third-party for creation, mainly because vetting slides is quite simple. Automation of lead generation is an accepted practice. However, best practices for research has always been to perform it in-house. As Mordin Solus said, “someone else may have gotten it wrong.”

Consumer Research is one of the strong points that Wing can perform for you

These days, though, virtual assistants are becoming smarter and smarter. Ultimately, you can delegate extremely important tasks like lead generation, accounting, and project management structure to Wing for Business. With Wing’s methodical AI and trained operators, the application provides strong research capacities as well. Businesses that require point-one analysis will definitely find it more efficient to outsource those questions to Wing for Business. You can much more easily simplify your research process if you start to recognize the analytical capacities of Wing for Business.

What Secondary Analysis can Wing for Business Do?

Wing for Business is a powerful virtual tool with much more functionality than a Siri or Alexa. While your phone assistant could answer your questions with a Google search, Wing’s trained operators can consolidate and return the relevant information to you, provided you clarified your request.

Wing for Business can perform strong secondary research. Even if its not able to completely supplant primary methods, it can provide valuable insights. The type of analysis you can ask Wing for Business to perform range from market share investigation to more complex analyses. Some examples of these include, but are not limited to, legal research, company branding analysis, and even strategy development.

Using Wing helped me simplify my research into the confectionary industry

Wing’s AI will immediately jump into action, first sectioning this out into a research request that one of our operators will jump off of. And, while Wing performs this research in the background, your company can go ahead and do whatever else you need.

Outsourcing your research to Wing for Business doesn’t just simplify this tedious task, but it also allows you to build a strong foundation. Wing’s operators are trained to always provide sources of information, meaning that after consolidating and presenting their research they will give further links for research if need be. This means that not only will you gain the most necessary data, you can continue to comb through it in more detail down the line.

As shown above, the Wing team and its comprehensive analysis do not let you down. They performed my necessary research in under 10 minutes. Even for more complicated information, their speed would be on par with that of a summer analyst.

The Right Research for your Company

Actively using Wing for Team’s research capacities will only continue to make its use for you more efficient. Wing for Team’s AI will evolve constantly to suit the needs of your company.

Wing for Business may not be able to perform primary research like focus groups or in-depth interviews. However, being able to utilize it for tedious secondary analyses will free up much of your organizational time. Additionally, it can perform key functions of primary analyses, such as survey reach. This gives any team manager space to really optimize their team members’ times and schedules. Your workspace and deliverable process may just become a lot more streamlined with Wing at the helm of your secondary research.

If you’d like to see other types of operations that Wing for Business can operate for your company, check out our articles on organizing and supplying your business.

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