Shopping With a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistance means more than just making a call for a pizza at your local pizzeria. Because we are faced with increasingly larger virtual and physical storefronts, but increasingly smaller available staff for assistance, we are often on our own to get all the things done we need to finish.

The jobs most often left on the table at the end of the day are the most mundane. Did you get your clothes pressed, did you pick up that hard-to-find food your significant other asked for, did you find the cheapest flight out of town. All things that won’t take forever to do, but will take more time than you had allotted yourself.

That is where we can use virtual assistance.

We have developed a sense for what we want and there are two kinds of shopper in us:

  • The shopper who knows what she wants, but cannot find it.
  • The shopper who knows his own tastes or needs, but not which product is best suited to them.

The shopper who knows what he wants but can’t find it, will save immeasurable time if they allow someone else worry about finding it, and when that other party is better and has more time to find it, that’s a huge benefit to buying back time we didn’t have.

The shopper who knows what he wants but isn’t as sure if it best suits him, and virtual assistant can do the research that the shopper would have pored over studying, again time that they didn’t have.

We are living in an age where we need to pull in the advantages of modern technology, and virtual assistants will be how you get ahead.

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