Bored In The House? Try Family Board Games Night!

You need things to do when bored at home? Get your free trial for your new mobile concierge to present to you all the things you can do when quarantining during coronavirus!

“Only boring people can be bored” – mothers everywhere. 

This phrase torments young children and adult children alike and has quarantiners wondering… “Am I actually boring?” Well, while this seems more like an existential question that we don’t want to dive into, the short answer is: You surely don’t have to be! The instant solution to fight boredom is, you guessed it, board games! 

Good old fashioned

Therefore, a good old fashioned games night is the perfect solution to counter the banality that one can fall victim to after choosing to be a stay-at-home hero for over a month. Some things never get old!

You’re not living with your family but with roommates? No problem, the family is who you make it! This is especially true when the roomies land on your boardwalk space and owe you beaucoup Monopoly money on the spot! If only Monopoly money were a legal form of currency…

You are living by yourself and are getting more bored by the minute? Don’t worry! There are many online board games that you can play over video chat with friends and family near and far.

We’re in this together!

Whatever your situation may be like, Wing will help you get through it and set up whatever you need. For instance, Wing can set you up with the best game night ever by getting you one or more fantastic games tailored to your family’s preferences. Just sit back and get ready for some fun as Wing gets it done for you. Wing can also make suggestions on what to play next or explain the rules of a new game so everyone is on the same page!

Once you get that game night off the ground, you can school your grandma at Scrabble, your children at Sorry, or your roomies at Cards Against Humanity. Who said schooling was out of session? Don’t wait any longer! Ramp up the friendly competition, bust out the popcorn, change into your fanciest PJs, and turn that frown upside down. Family game night is in session! 

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