Empowering you with more time


Life is about accomplishments. We can get into an esoteric debate about what accomplishment really means, but let’s face it, you know in your heart of hearts if you have accomplished something.

Often times, that line between accomplishing a task and failing to accomplish a task is so narrow that had you had a little push in the right direction you would have succeeded beyond your wildest expectations.

That push is often a person you know who has some ability to make you do what you hadn’t previously wanted to do. It might be a boss, a friend, a parent, or perhaps it is a secretary, your secretary, telling you that you have a list of ‘to-dos’ that you need to get to.

But not all of us has that special someone to lean on us when we are feeling lazy, especially a secretary. However, what if you had a virtual secretary? What if you didn’t have to get up and search for the nearest grocery store that carried a certain brand of coffee, or what if you didn’t have to look up a series of stores that carried a certain make and model of something you needed? What if you could make the ancillary things in your life happen without you having to invest as much time in them?

What if after all that time saving help, you also had that same virtual secretary that could help you with projects?

Welcome to the 21st century, and the Wing app. Wing is the next link in the business model of hyper-productivity in the workforce. With Wing, you only have to speak into your phone for any need you have and Wing’s AI (with human support) will locate what you have a hard time finding, what you have no time to find, what you need services for that would take up your precious minutes doing. Whether it is planning a party online, booking business trips or vacations, small business support, or any personal assistant service, Wing will fill that role.

Wing is a time saver and a time multiplier. While others around you will complain there aren’t enough hours in the day, and they have to sacrifice work if they want to play or play if they want to work, you will be afforded the opportunity to do both, or if need me, double your work time with other operations being done at the same time you are doing what you need to do.

We encourage anyone to check out the Wing app and discover for yourself what the possibilities are for the 21st century.