Justin Eastzer of Justin_Tech on Productivity with Smart Homes

As work from home drags on, many people are becoming more comfortable even as their office invades their household. However, at the same time, the lines between work and relaxation are increasingly blurring. People are finding it difficult to be productive when everything they do daily is within the same few square feet. How can you become more productive if the environment you’re in, namely your own house, isn’t conducive to that productivity? Justin Eastzer, the founder of the tech review page and channel Justin_Tech, has some answers.

Justin_Tech is an entertaining tech Youtuber and Instagrammer

Wing sat down with Justin to learn more about his experiences and advice for creating a productive home through technology. Justin especially went in-depth on the benefits of a smart home. We believed that this topic is becoming more and more relevant in this era of quarantine.

Much of our conversation about smart homes was built off of Justin_Tech’s new “Ultimate Smart Home” series. In this five-episode Youtube series, Justin creates a smart home from scratch, all while detailing the work and products he puts into the house. Justin’s insights on the considerations, creation, and benefits of using technology for a smart home would be extremely helpful to anybody looking for ways to grow their productivity while stuck in work-from-home.

Background: Justin_Tech

For those of our readers who aren’t plugged into the tech side of social media, I’ll provide some context into Justin_Tech’s page. Justin is a content creator whose channel and page revolves around smart technology. His content includes reviews of products and technological tips and tricks. Ultimately, his videos are engaging and interesting to both tech enthusiasts and those who aren’t as tech-savvy. Justin himself said that creating educational tech content for all types of audiences is a goal of his. He sometimes even posts grander series where he demonstrates how to implement technology to enhance one’s life.

The last type is the case with the newest Justin_Tech Youtube series, the “Ultimate Smart Home”. The series, which was accelerated by quarantine and the sudden prevalence of home life, was Justin’s take on one route to invest in a more technologically advanced house. The five episode series showcases some insane demonstrations. Features of this smart home include a security system armed by phone or Alexa and specialized Philip Hue lights that change hue depending on the situation you’re in. There’s even a command center from which you can control all other electronic devices. The whole way through, Justin walks his audience through the considerations and products used for creating smart homes.

Our team at Wing loved Justin’s “Ultimate Smart Home” series, and not just for its entertainment value. As curators of productivity hacks, our team found smart homes to contain some compelling ways to promote a productive lifestyle. Justin himself has some suggestions for how our readers may implement his series to boost simple and healthy habits.

How to Be More Productive at Home with Smart Tech

To Justin, the greatest benefit of a “smart home” is really its ability to automate tasks. Smart home devices can eliminate or simplify many small, tedious pain points. Smart homes also allow for the selected application of these automations through routines, which can be helpful.

“When you start your day, you can have the blinds open, the coffee maker brewing coffee, and the voice assistant play NPR,” Justin explains. “All with one command, and everything’s set for you.”

With all of these small tasks out of the way, individuals in smart homes can focus on what they’re working on. They can make breakfast without having to go through the hassle of turning on their radio or searching through their phone. They can return home and settle into a relaxing routine without worrying about small tasks like closing the blinds. These small things may seem granular, but can be incredibly valuable to a focused and productive workflow.

In addition to the ability to automate tedious tasks, the cross-functionality and ubiquity of tech in the smart home means you have control over these tasks from wherever you are.

“Even in the backyard, swimming in the pool, you’re able to turn things on and off,” Justin said. “You can lock the door, turn on the alarm, or check security camera feeds from any room in the house… You can control lights and music in other rooms… without having to leave the task at hand.”

Being able to verbally command the functions within your house from any room may seem too good to be true. Imagine the amount of time you could save from walking between rooms that you could instead put into your work! The videos of Justin_Tech and his Ultimate Smart Home series demonstrates that this productivity can be very real.

Separating Work from Play

The use of a smart home to promote productivity is more important than ever during our current work-from-home era. Right now, the home is blending into a mix of work and play, with no real way of separating one from the other. How could you possibly feel no stress when you eat dinner at the same table you have conference calls?

Besides traveling out for a staycation, you can find more high-tech ways to escape the stress of home work. Justin briefly mentioned to our team how smart home tech not only automates your home, but customizes the experience to help you separate work hours from off-hours.

The main way this can be accomplished is through lighting, which Justin touches on as something extremely adjustable. Different lighting in homes can create unique moods, and intelligent setups of this lighting allows you to craft a relaxing experience past your workday, while developing a strong atmosphere of focus during the actual work.

First Steps to a Smart Home

We’ve barely scratched the surface of a smart home’s capabilities, but we’ve covered the major productivity benefits. With these boons in mind, how exactly does one move forward with starting a smart home? And how much money does one need to spend to create such a high-tech and seemingly futuristic residence? Once again, Justin_Tech had answers.

To Justin, the key considerations for anyone building a smart home are the lighting and the voice assistant (and the corresponding package). Justin gave great insights on the various home softwares that a smart home can lay its foundation on. For instance, Google Home can be a powerful home kit software because of how it’s intertwined with other Google software. On the other hand, there is a wide variety of Amazon devices, mostly powered by Alexa, which can fulfill niche and key functions. To learn more about the pros and cons of specific products, check out Justin_Tech and his Youtube. The channel contains more in-depth analyses of these technological possibilities and tools.

What about the price?

All of these different products may begin to seem daunting and, more importantly, costly. However, Justin stresses that the establishment of a smart home is more of a journey than a race. Sure, his series demonstrated a quick renovation of a high-tech household, but not everybody can tackle that.

“You don’t have to start big,” Justin said. “As time goes on, you can grow that system, and especially see how you want to change it.”

Justin further explained that installing one bulb at a time until you can afford another is an extremely viable option. This allows for greater time for adjustments as well, in case any issues begin to arise.

Additionally, Justin emphasizes that the technology he shows on his Justin_Tech page isn’t necessarily the only set of products that viewers can use.

“There are a lot of cheaper alternatives. The only thing is, you’re going to have some limited abilities,” Justin explained. “But, if you want to just dip your toes in, absolutely go for the cheaper products.”

Options such as Amazon and IKEA exist for anybody hoping for a more affordable way to try smart home tech. This reassurance from Justin demonstrates that the smart home isn’t necessarily require a grand capital investment. Instead, it is more akin to small steps of experimentation, and everyone should try to take these steps to unlock greater productivity.

Learning from Justin_Tech

Our final takeaways from Wing’s interview with Justin_Tech (besides how incredibly engaging and sincere he was!) were the immense possibilities of technology, especially in how it could positively affect our life. At Wing, we’ve always considered technology to contain dangerous distractions, and at times they definitely can. However, in this interview with Justin_Tech, we were able to explore the flip side of tech. Most importantly, the power that smart homes hold to automate the menial tasks in one’s residential life resonated strongly with our team, whose mission and product is aimed at simplifying people’s lives through providing an on-demand assistant to offload or delegate trivial work.

Just within this interview, Justin gave actionable tips and advice on what to look for before building a smart home. His insights into the productivity benefits of a smart home can help in your decision-making process on whether or not to tackle this undertaking. Finally, if you want to explore this opportunity more, feel free to check out his channel, and keep on the lookout for more home-tech series that may interest you!

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