5 Ways to Use Wing for Your Business

A month ago, Wing launched its new product, Wing For Business. The weeks since then have been an exciting time of learning and adjusting. As Wing learns how to better service its business customers, we’ve also noted that certain tasks are more frequent than others and shared by many different kinds of businesses.

Below, we’ll go over 5 dominant categories of requests that Wing has received from its business customers. It’s highly likely that you’ll be in need of someone to do these tasks as well.

1. COVID-19

Over six months ago, COVID-19 hit the United States. Now it’s become a new normal. With all sorts of remote work arrangements and policies to keep in mind, it can be dizzying to consider the obligations COVID-19 has placed on businesses on top of everything else they have to do on the day-to-day.

These include sanitary measures: sourcing disinfectant, wipes, hand sanitizer to keep surfaces clean if you have an in-person office. These also include an adjustment in communication channels: increased numbers of Zoom and Google Meets meetings to be scheduled, Slack messages sent, and reminders for errands.

With Wing, you no longer need to worry about doing any of these things—or at the very least, keeping track of them. All you need to do is tell your personal assistant:

Source 25-30 cloth masks with our company logo on it.

Schedule a Google meets and post the link in the Slack channel.

In no time at all, the burden on your task list will shrink to nothing and it will be as if your team was merely remote, with no COVID-19 at all!

2. Preparing Documents

Almost every company has a need for recording things: meeting notes, creating training manuals, quality assurance documents for software, and summarizing information sources. The list could go on forever. Without the ability to record things, it’s very difficult for a company to organize information for easy access or to quickly update colleagues on crucial know-hows.

Still, creating documents is a pain. If you’re a company who’s short on employees or interns to do the job, this task can place an unpleasant burden on your bandwidth that you might not be able to afford.

Once again, Wing can come to the rescue! The range of documents that Wing can prepare for you is incredibly wide.

Take these meeting notes and make an organized summary of all of them.

 Make a training manual for new employees.

3. Compiling Information

Similar to the last task of preparing documents, compiling information is a useful, but time-consuming task. Compiling information can range from collecting sales leads, doing research on a particular topic, putting together a list of prospective vendors, and more.

Not only is compiling information an important part of how a business does research, but compiling information in an organized, easy-to-peruse way can make a huge difference in the time consumed processing the information. A messy jumble of notes and links can take hours to sort through. A clean, clearly marked spreadsheet or an organized list with bolded subtitles can take mere minutes.  

This type of necessary, yet tedious task is the perfect kind of job to outsource. Wing can ensure that you have your information compiled and organized at the ready in a moment’s notice.

Collect 10 articles on the impact of COVID-19 on businesses.

Find me 5 Instagram influencers with over 10k followers in the wellness space.

4. Finding Products

Every company will eventually find that it needs to order stuff. Whether it’s swag like the customized cloth masks mentioned above, office supplies, furniture, or boxes for moving things, the need will come soon enough. When that time comes, you might find that it’s a bit of a hassle to look for products that fit your budget or criteria, call customer service, or place orders.

In many cases, the task of finding the perfect product is similar to the aforementioned task of compiling information—it’s a form of research. You can’t simply order the first or cheapest thing you see on Amazon, because it might not be high-quality or fit your needs. What if the desk you want is too expensive, or the office supplies at the perfect price but the wrong color? What if you found your perfect product, but need to place orders through a phone call or clarify a question with customer service?

Instead of interrupting your schedule to fit these tasks, Wing can take care of them for you. Wing can find what you need, confirm that it fits your criteria, and place your order without you spending more than half a minute overseeing the task.

Find a medical insurer for less than $100/month.

Monitor the price for an HP printer on Amazon until it falls below $300.

5. Make Reminders

Last but not least, nothing is more useful to managing a hectic schedule than timely reminders. In a small company, it’s highly likely that you’ll be juggling relationships with different departments, meetings with a range of teams, or need to make calls with a variety of vendors, customers, and contacts. To prevent forgetting about these tasks, most people make a block in their Google Calendar, or write a note to themselves.

But what if you could have someone text or call you when you need to get a task done? That way, you’d never forget or miss an event. With Wing, you can simply ask them to text or call you to remind you of what you need to do, and you save yourself the effort of having to remind yourself. With Wing, it’s a 100% guarantee that you’ll be on time to anything you need to be reminded of.

When Wing started on in B2C, setting reminders was a commonly requested task. In B2B, Wing has similarly found this to be a common need among business customers.

Send a Slack reminder to my team about the Tuesday deliverable.

Remind me of my meeting tomorrow at 2:30pm.


If you find yourself over your head in tasks that don’t contribute to your company bottom line, it’s possible that delegation could take a lot of that burden off your shoulders and increase your bandwidth. By offloading the most tedious and time-consuming tasks to a personal assistant, you’re free to pursue more productive activities that make your company more successful. Better yet, you don’t even have to create big specialized departments like HR or hire interns for these tasks because you can simply let Wing do the work for you.

Here at Wing, we spend the majority of our time and effort to become the best, most proactive, and useful personal assistant on the market. When the time comes to take advantage of it, you’ll know where to look!

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